The Wild One by Danelle Harmon

Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

So I liked this book, but I didn’t love it. Which is unfortunate because it started off great, the writing was excellent, the characters were great, the story was interesting and different, but it didn’t quite grab my heart the way books I love do and towards the end it lost my attention. That happened for a few reasons: 1) It needed more emotion, 2) it needed way more heat, and 3) it stopped being about the romance at about 70% of the book and started being about the situation they were in.

I think this book could be great for someone else. For those who want more than a romance and a great story, with excellent character development. It’s different in that is a bit of a riches to rags and then back to riches story. It’s about a man coming into his own and figuring out how to grow up and take care of himself and his family. For the heroine, it was about letting go of the past and moving forward with her life. 

I’m not super motivated to write more of a review on this. I can’t say I wouldn’t recommend it. It just wasn’t for me, I think. There’s definitely potential to love this book for those who have different interests than I do. I’m giving it 3 stars, despite the fact that I’m not planning to finish the last 15%. Because I don’t want to make it seem that this was a bad book. It’s not. Just wasn’t what I was hoping for.

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