Seven Nights to Forever by Evangeline Collins

Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I am in love. With a man named James Archer. 

I’m not really in the mood to right a long review so I’ll keep this short. If you love beta heroes, this is the book for you. At his core, James is just dying to be loved. And so is Rose. These are two people whose lives have brought them a near soul-crushing point due to their family obligations. And they find each other and fall in love and the book really centers on them working through that. Their loneliness is palpable in this. You feel so heart broken for them at times. 

Some might object to the basic premise of this book. James is a married man and Rose a courtesan. His marriage is so broken and lonely that it drives him to a brothel because he’s desperate. And you can feel his desperation. But it’s not done in a gross way. You really feel for him. His wife is verbally abusive and he has no sexual relationship with him. It’s been years and they never loved each other. For me, I found James behavior understandable for the time period. 

There were some things I didn’t love about the book. Sometimes the dialogue was a bit too cheesy and sappy for my taste. But the emotions are done really well do there are lots of other feels and angst to make up for it. 

Steam wise, this book is VERY hot. It’s almost the reverse of other books. Many love scenes in the beginning and then it focuses on the emotional content more towards the end. 

Biggest complaint is that it ended rather quickly. No epilogue or anything. Just suddenly over. But I still really enjoyed the book. I give it a high three stars, rounding to four.

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