Mellie Harlowe’s stark white skin has made her an outcast to society. As a child, she was ridiculed by all and banished by the aristocracy. As a woman, noblemen wished to collect her for her unusual beauty and believed her commoner blood compelled her to let them. Unwilling to spend her life treated as nothing more than a curiosity, Mellie left England for the snowy foothills of the Suisse Alps, the only place that had ever felt like home. 

A devastating injury has left Addison Kent, the Duke of Darlington, unconscious, frozen, and clinging to life on a deserted mountain road. When he awakens to find himself stranded at a remote cottage after a blizzard, his only option is to face a daunting winter alone with the peculiar woman who rescued him. Helpless for the first time in his life, he is plagued with doubt and insecurities. But the bewitching eyes and cool temperament of Mellie Harlowe has him wondering whether it was neither the injury nor the storm, but fate, that had brought them together.

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