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If you’re considering spending your hard earned dollar on one of my covers, you’re probably a little curious about who I am. I’ve been an artist for my whole life and a professional graphic designer for at least half of it. I have a background in art history and spent a decade working in museums, so I am very familiar with art and composition. More recently, I have worked for major corporations (I am working for one now, in fact) as a learning experience designer, which means I have a keen eye for how to draw someones attention and keep it there. Book cover design is a new venture for me. But I’m finding that all my past experience plays a crucial role in designing my covers. 

There are many book cover designers out there and you can get great images from a lot of them. One thing I can tell you about me is that I am an avid historical romance novel reader. I read about seventy historical romance novels per year and actively admin several historical romance facebook groups, including one dedicated to authors of the genre. I am an aspiring HR author myself! Because of this, I am intimately familiar with the genre. I know how the books read, what they feel like, how readers respond to them, and I can bring your characters to life!

You get a one of a kind, professional quality cover, designed personally by me. Once you buy a cover it comes off my shelf, permanently. All my images are properly licensed and I never use free or questionable stock images. Beyond that, you get my full attention to detail when designing your cover or any of my premade covers. I’ll edit right down to the pixel to make your covers absolutely perfect!

The cost to create a book cover can vary widely. One thing that differentiates historical romance covers from other genres is the need to use period appropriate stock photos. These can be difficult to find, especially with couples in them. For quality historical photos, I turn to Period Images, where licenses start at around $9 per image ang go up, depending on the level of license. Because of this, premium covers with high number print runs add between $25-$50 to the cost of a cover, before anything is even designed. I always consider where my photos are coming from and what the license allows when determining pricing. 

I source my images and assets from four popular websites:

When you buy a cover from me, I will include licensing details for every image used. It is your responsibility to ensure you use the cover under the guidelines of those licenses. 

$50 Special: Includes one image of your choice from Deposit Photos

The Fan Package: Includes one eBook (Web License) license from Period Images and up to two stock images from Deposit Photos.

The Parasol Package: Includes one limited print (Web + Print License) run (20,000 copies) photo from Period Images, one stock photo from Adobe Stock (background images only), and up to three stock photos from Deposit Photos.

The Smelling Salts Package: Includes one large print (Cover Art Web + Print Retail) run (250,000 copies) photo from Period Images, up to two stock photos from Adobe Stock (background images only), and up to four stock photos from Deposit Photos.

You may swap a Period Images photo for an Adobe Stock photo or any image on Deposit Photos. You may also swap an Adobe Stock photo for any image on Deposit Photos. 

The photos included in my custom packages are subject to change based on license changes with the sites where I source my images. 

Unlike other stock sites which have mostly one license agreement for all of their standard images, Period Images license agreements vary depending on how you plan to use them. Please review go to and review their “photo licenses explained” page for details about their license agreement and to determine what your needs are for custom orders. It is your responsibility to make sure you use their images properly once you purchase a book cover. This goes for book covers you buy from anyone, not just me. 

I want my customers to be happy with their purchases. Premade covers may be returned within 30 days of purchase so long as the image has not been shared or reproduced in any way. 

After 30 days, I am more than happy to work with you to make minor adjustments to the cover that suit your needs. 

Custom Covers cannot be returned due to the heavily customized nature of the work. However, every custom package includes opportunities to revise the cover to suit your needs. 

No matter which type of cover you choose, I am committed to working with you to get you a cover that works for your book. 

You can use the contact form or find me at my Facebook group The Swoonies Historical Romance Book Covers

By making a purchase from The Swoonies Book Covers or from Holly Perret, you agree to read and abide by the licensing agreements provided by the stock photo sites used to make your book cover. You agree that The Swoonies and Holly Perret are not responsible for any improper use of the book cover. Using a book cover responsibly and within appropriate licensing terms is entirely the responsibility of the person purchasing the cover.

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