Hi! Thanks for checking out The Swoonies. I’m an avid historical romance reader who also loves writing. Writing reviews has become one of my favorite past times. My reviews are always thoughtfully written and well developed to give readers as much info about a book as I can. I love sharing my thoughts about the books I read and, more importantly, helping others find their wonderful reads, too.

In addition to The Swoonies, I am also an admin for two incredible Facebook groups dedicated to Historilcal Romance Readers and Authors.

Historical Romance Book Club currently has nearly 1500 members and growing everyday. This is where my reviews began! It’s the best group on facebook for those of us who love historical romance. I’s not full ads, it’s full of conversation!

Historical Romance Book Club Too: A Sister Group for Author / Reader Chit Chat is our new group only created on April 26, 2019. This group is for authors and readers to talk about books from a writers perspective. Authors can come here to ask for feedback, explore ideas, find beta readers, and participate in Author Q&A. Readers have an opportunity to help authors write their best books and ask them questions.

Please come join these groups if you’re interested!

I also share my reviews on goodreads. You can follow me here.

About my Amazon Associate Links: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases when you purchase a book from a link on this site.

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