Purchasing a custom cover is the best way to get the perfect cover for your book. All custom covers are designed to your specifications to come as close as possible to your vision of the characters in your novel. I have options for all budgets. Choose a package below or start with the Introductory Package and add on with options from the à la carte menu to find the perfect cover for your novel. The à la carte menu also has explanations for everything included in the packages. 

Hand-Painted Covers

A Top Publisher Quality Cover at an Indie Price!

If you’re looking for the gold standard in historical romance covers, look no further! Your readers will swoon over your cover with the Smelling Salts Package!

My hand-painted covers are exactly what they sound like. I combine the best photo-illustration skills with traditional art techniques to create stunningly artistic covers. Because every brush stroke is laid down by my own hand – never with automatic filters that only achieve subpar painted “effects” – your cover will be truly painted and a one of a kind work of art.

If a fully composited background is more your style and you want to build a unique setting from multiple stock images, you can choose that in lieu of hand-painting. 

Note: Due to the time and complexity involved, hand-painting and custom built backgrounds are not available as à la carte options. However, series discounts do apply to this package.

Smelling Salts Package

Painted eBook & Print Wrap
$ 325
  • The Parasol Package Plus...
  • Hand-Painted Cover...
  • ...or a Custom Built Background
  • Gorgeous Full Scale Artwork
  • Free Audiobook Cover & Ads
  • Exclusive Cover Reveal in HRBC

Photo-Illustrated Covers

Simple and Beautifull

Believe it or not, this cover is a perfect example of what you can get with the Introductory Package! 

It all begins with professional photo adjustments to your images, including color corrections, lighting, and editing out unwanted blemishes or other unwanted pieces of your stock photos.

Don’t love the colors of the clothing your favorite models are wearing? No problem! Perfect clothing recoloring is included with every package. This dress was originally brown and green!

Your models will be worked realistically into a background fit for your novel, and completed with an original design of your title to fit with the design of your cover, along with your author name. 

All together, you’ll get a high quality cover, perfect for your eBook.

Introductory Package

Basic eBook Cover
$ 125
  • High Quality eBook Cover
  • Single Tone Clothing Recoloring
  • Two Images from Depositphotos
  • Standard Typography Design
  • Professional Photo Adjustments
  • Exclusive Cover Reveal in HRBC

Jaw Dropping Color!

My most popular package! The Swoonies Package will ensure your readers gasp when they set eyes on your cover.

I take drab and dull and bring the wow by enriching your setting with amazing, vibrant colors that draw the eye. 

This package includes everything mentioned in the Introductory package, plus hair recoloring, and a premium stock photo from the best historical stock sites.

Additionally, you’ll get a print wrap to match the colors used in your beautiful cover, as well as back of book and binding text.

If you need additional options, check out the a la carte menu below for add-ons or adjustments to this package. 

Rest assured, your cover will not go unnoticed!

The Swoonies Package

Basic eBook & Print Cover
$ 200
  • Introductory Package Plus...
  • Setting & Hair Recoloring
  • Period Images Stock Photo
  • Binding & Back of Book Text
  • Solid or Gradient Print Wrap
  • Exclusive Cover Reveal in HRBC

It's All in the Details

Some stock photos require sophisticated recoloring. That’s where The Parasol Package comes in. 

In the cover to the right you’ll notice each individual fringe on her dress and every cut out of her umbrella has received close attention to detail. You can literally see through her umbrella into the background of the photo.

It’s these details that can truly transform a stock photo from bland to brilliant! It’s also what will make your cover stand out from the pack amongst many of the covers making an appearance these days. I take no shortcuts. I skip no processes. All to ensure you get the most perfect cover possible.

Also included with this package is a premium full image print wrap. That means that your background image will extend around the back of your paperback book, adding extra interest and detail!

The Parasol Package

Premium eBook & Print Cover
$ 250
  • The Swoonies Package Plus...
  • Advanced Detail Recoloring
  • Hair or Clothing Swaps
  • Advanced Typography Design
  • Premium Full Image Print Wrap
  • Exclusive Cover Reveal in HRBC


The above is an example of a head and hair swap. The original version had a woman with red hair. These models are very popular, so I gave them a fresh look.

The above is an example of a a premium full print wrap. The front shows the windows of the train in the background and the rest will wrap around the back.

The above is an example of a a custom built background. The couple, headboard, pillows, column, wallpaper, flower, and additional skirt draping are all separate images.

à la carte

It’s always my aim to meet my client’s needs as best I can. If the packages above don’t exactly suit, you can choose to add any of the à la carte items below and add them to any Photo-Illustrated Cover Package above , though packages are often the best deal.

The Swoonies Package includes it all, with the choice between either a hand-painted cover of a custom built background. The Hand-Painted option is only included in this package and is not available as an add-on.

(All packages include .png and .jpeg versions of your cover and transparent images of your title text. eBook only packages include a standard eBook size cover and a thumbnail cover. Print packages include standard print size cover, medium sized cover, and thumbnail sized covers. Purchase of stock photos may incur an additional fee.)

  • Facebook & and Banner Ads $5

    Choose between one square ad, one Facebook ads sized ad, or one banner ad. $5 each or $10 for all 3.)

  • Premium Stock Photo $12-30

    Add a premium stock photo from a historical stock site like Period Images or The Killion Group. The rate is based on the cost of the stock image.

  • Basic Print Wrap $15

    Add a solid color or gradient print backing to your ebook cover. (Includes binding and back of book text.)*

  • Audiobook Cover $25

    Plan ahead and add an audiobook cover from the beginning. This is the best way to ensure your audiobook cover looks as much like your book cover as possible.

  • Premium Full Image Print Wrap $25

    If you want a full image background that wraps around the entire printed cover, but don't need hair or clothing swaps or advanced recoloring, you can add this to either the Introductory Package or The Swoonies Package.

  • Hair or Clothing Swaps $30

    Want to change your models hair or clothing, let's discuss this option. Note that this is not always possible, depending upon your choice of model or pose. (The additional fee does not include the purchase of the required historical stock photos.)

  • Advanced Detail Recoloring $35

    If you need extensive, detailed recoloring done on your image, such as lacework, fringe, individual stripes (such as in a kilt), flowers, etc., be sure to ask for this option.

  • Gorgeous Full Scale Artwork $50

    Some of my customer have loved getting a full scale version of their cover art with no text. Most covers are sized much smaller than the original stock photo to match the proper dimensions for print or ebook covers. You can add the uncropped, fully edited and stylized artwork to any package before work begins. The reason for the extra charge is because this is additional work outside the bounds of the book cover. It makes for wonderful promotional or is perfect for printing and framing inside your own home. (Note that most image licensing do not allow sales of derivative works from stock images, so this is for personal or promotional use only.)

  • Hand-Painted Cover $300

    Do you love the artistic, painted look of many historical romance novels? I know I do! I don't use filters to achieve this effect. I physically "paint" every stroke. This is often where the real transformation happens. If you want a major publishing house cover at an indie rate, purchase The Smelling Salts package today! (Because of the skill and time involved in creating hand-painted covers, they are only available with the purchase of the Smelling Salts Package.)

  • Extra Revisions $30

    If you need to make major edits after the final touches are in place, add some additional revisions. (This would be for significant edits, such as color adjustments. Minor changes are included.)

  • Expedied Services (Available on a Limited Basis) $30

    If you in urgent need of a cover, you can request expidited service for an extra $30 per cover, giving you a 4-7 day turnaround, based on my current availability and your requirements.

Series Bundles

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always available and more than happy to provide as much information as you need. Email any time, or schedule a consultation today.

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