Purchasing a custom cover is the best way to get the perfect cover for your book. All custom covers are designed to your specifications to come as close as possible to your vision of the characters in your novel. I offer various payment options and discounts. All you have to do is ask!

Hand-Painted Covers

A Top Publisher Quality Cover at an Indie Price!

If you’re looking for the gold standard in historical romance covers, look no further! 

My hand-painted covers are exactly what they sound like. I combine the best photo-illustration skills with traditional art techniques to create stunningly artistic covers. Because every brush stroke is laid down by my own hand – never with automatic filters that only achieve subpar painted “effects” – your cover will be truly painted and a one of a kind work of art.

All of my covers now include hand-painting!

If a fully composited background is more your style and you want to build a unique setting from multiple stock images, I offer options for that as well.

Rest assured, your readers will swoon over your cover!

Simple and Beautiful

It all begins with professional photo adjustments to your images, including color corrections, lighting, and editing out unwanted blemishes or other unwanted pieces of your stock photos.

Your models will be worked realistically into a background fit for your novel, and completed with an original design of your title.

Jaw Dropping Color!

Your readers will gasp when they set eyes on your cover.

I take drab and dull and bring the wow by enriching your setting with amazing, vibrant colors that draw the eye. Perfect clothing & hair recoloring is included with every cover! 

Rest assured, your cover will not go unnoticed!

It's All in the Details

Some stock photos require sophisticated recoloring and I offer options for that too. In the cover below you’ll notice each individual fringe on her dress and every cut out of her umbrella has received close attention to detail. You can literally see through her umbrella into the background of the photo. It’s these details that will truly transform a stock photo from bland to brilliant! 


The above is an example of a head and hair swap. The original version had a woman with red hair. These models are very popular, so I gave them a fresh look.

The above is an example of a a premium full print wrap. The front shows the windows of the train in the background and the rest will wrap around the back.

The above is an example of a a custom built background. The couple, headboard, pillows, column, wallpaper, flower, and additional skirt draping are all separate images.

Get a Quote

Please send an email to holly@theswoonies.com for more information. 

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