I want you to have the best and easiest experience working with me, so I’ve taken the time to answer many of the questions I get asked on a regular basis. If you still have questions, feel free to email me

If you’re considering spending hundreds of dollars on one of my covers, you’re probably a little curious about who I am. I’ve been an artist for my whole life and a professional graphic designer for at least half of it. I have a degree in Art History and Museum Studies and studied Museum Education in graduate school. I also spent a decade working in museums before moving on to graphic design roles. 

More recently, I have worked for major corporations (I am working for one now, in fact) as a learning experience designer, which means I have a keen eye for how to draw someones attention and keep it there. 

Because of my background, I have an understanding of essential art fundamentals, such as composition, lighting, color theory, and familiarity with the human anatomy. To top it off, as a twenty year design veteran, I have the know to use graphic design tools properly, and apply those skills to all of my covers.

My covers are always created with the utmost attention and care to every detail. You will have natural colors, beautiful craftsmanship, proper lighting and shadows, appropriate human proportions, depth, and pristine work right down to the last pixel. 

You will not experience extra or missing limbs, jagged edges, ghost images, washed out or neon colors, or sloppy editing. Moreover, I always take the extra time to add all the details that make your cover look like the models were naturally in their new setting by adding touches like shadows at the right angle and sunshine when needed.

A lot of other designers work across multiple genres. I stay firmly planted in the historical genre, so my skills are specially honed to match the needs of the genre. 

Additionally, I’m an avid historical romance novel reader and actively admin several historical romance facebook groups. I’m also an aspiring HR author! Because of this, I am intimately familiar with the genre. I know how the books read, what they feel like, how readers respond to them, and I can bring your characters to life!

No matter whether you buy a premade over or purchase a custom cover, your cover will feel beautiful, rich and luxurious. And most importantly, it will stand out from the pack!

You get a one of a kind, professional quality cover, designed personally by me. Once you buy a cover it comes off my shelf, permanently. All my images are properly licensed and I never use free or questionable stock images. Beyond that, you get my full attention to detail when designing your cover or any of my premade covers. I’ll edit right down to the pixel to make your covers absolutely perfect!

Additionally, all my clients get exclusive cover reveals inside the Historical Romance Book Club that I admin, with more than 2200 members!

I source my images and assets from six popular websites:

When you buy a cover from me, I will include licensing details for every image used. It is your responsibility to ensure you use the cover under the guidelines of those licenses.

The Introductory Package: Includes two images from Deposit Photos. 

The Fan Package: Includes one image from Period Images, The Killion Group, or Romance Novel Covers, and one stock image from Deposit Photos.

The Parasol Package: Includes one image from Period Images, The Killion Group, or Romance Novel Covers, and up to two stock photo from Adobe Stock (background images only), or Deposit Photos.

The Smelling Salts Package: Includes one image from Period Images, The Killion Group, or Romance Novel Covers, and unlimited stock photos from Adobe Stock (background images only), and or Deposit Photos.

You may swap a Period Images photo for an Adobe Stock photo or any image on Deposit Photos. You may also swap an Adobe Stock photo for any image on Deposit Photos. 

The photos included in my custom packages are subject to change based on license changes with the sites where I source my images. 

Premade covers may be returned within 10 days of purchase when taken “as is”, so long as the image has not been shared or reproduced in any way. Once the cover has been personalized with a title, author name, and/or other details, the cover is not returnable. I am more than happy to work with you to make minor adjustments to the cover that suit your needs. 

Payments for premade covers must be made within 24 hours of requesting the cover. Failure to pay will result in the premade cover being placed back up for sale. 

Custom Covers require a deposit to hold a place in my schedule. 

I have two deposit options available to choose from. 

  • Two payments of $25 each. The first $25 is due within 48 hours to hold your requested window and is non-refundable. The second payment of $25 is due 3 months before the first date in your booking window and is non-refundable. 
  • One payment of $50 due within 48 hours of when you request a booking window. The $50 deposit is fully refundable until 3 months before the first date in your booking window, at which time it becomes non-refundable. 

If you are booking a window that is within 3 months, a deposit of $50 is due at the time of the request and is non-refundable. 

Deposits are handled on a per cover basis. 

Deposits book you for a specific time frame in my schedule. This is your booking window. The booking window is the time frame during which I do the bulk of work on your cover (usually a one week period of time per cover), but the process typically begins much earlier. Before your booking window arrives, we will plan your covers, including going over your preferences, chosing stock photos, clarifying your look and feel, and in some cases, mockups will be created beforehand.

Custom Cover Cancellation Policy

With the $50 deposit option, your deposit is fully refundable if: 

  • Cancellation is requested no later than 3 months before your scheduled booking window,
  • Stock photos have not been purchased*, and
  • Design work** has not begun on any of your covers.

With the $25/$25 deposit option, the first $25 deposit is non-refundable. The second $25 deposit is fully refundable if: 

  • Cancellation is requested no later than 3 months before your scheduled booking window,
  • Stock photos have not been purchased*, and
  • Design work** has not begun on any of your covers.

*If stock photos have been purchased the cost of stock photos will be subtracted from the returnable portion of your deposit.

Deposits are not refundable if:

  • Cancellation is requested within 3 months of the first date in your booking window, or
  • Design work** has begun on any your covers, regardless of when cancelation is requested. 

**Design work includes creation of color palets, mockups, actual production of your cover even if it falls outside of your booking window, creation of teasers, banners, advertisments, etc. Design work does not include searching for stock photos, email conversations for planning, etc. Design work will not begin early without agreement between both designer and client. 

Please note that stock photo licenses are non-transferrable. If stock photos have been purchased, the cost of the stock images will be subtracted from your deposit and you will not receive the stock photo for your personal use. This is a limitation of the license agreement and not a personal decision on my part. 

Custom Cover Return Policy

Completed custom covers cannot be returned due to the heavily customized nature of the work. However, every custom package includes opportunities to revise the cover to suit your needs. 

I will create a mockup for your approval before I begin the larger editing process of your cover. The mockup will give you a good idea of what the final result will be.

This may include:

  • Positioning of your chosen cover model(s).
  • Positioning of any other images you requested to have on the cover (such as horse and buggy, buildings, objects, ets.
  • Positioning of background.
  • Hair and clothing swaps.
  • Recoloring.

Mockups are drafts and you should not expect to see perfect editing. There may be instances of bleeding colors, lack of depth, lack of polish/finalized look. This will be your opportunity to request changes.

Once you approve the mockup, you are approving the final editing process and committing to paying for the cover in full upon completion. 

At this point, I will begin the work of making your cover perfect. I will finalize isolations and re-colors, add lighting, depth, and shadows, as well as perform additional color adjustments. The last step is to add text. Upon completion, you will receive a low resolution, watermarked version of your cover and an opportunity to make last minute, small adjustments or provide full approval. 

I will then send you an invoice to pay the balance of your cover. Once paid, I will send you a dropbox link with all the full resolution images included in your package with watermarks removed. 

While I do not require the full balance to be paid until you see the final image and approve it, when you put down a deposit to hold a window in my schedule for your cover, it is an agreement in good faith that you intend to pay for the cover in full upon approval of the initial mockup. 

Mockups will not be created without a deposit.

Yes. You may choose between the two deposit options mentioned above.

For the rest of your payments, we can work out an installment plan that works for you. I will set up an invoice to remind you of payments on your schedule. Payments made on a cover above and beyond the deposit will be held aside and are fully refundable until you have approved the mockup (mockup process is mentioned above).

Full payment is due for covers at the time that work is completed (typically this is the last day in your booking window, but may adjust if work begins sooner due to early availability in my schedule, quicker turn around times, or other various reasons).

You will not receive full resolution, non-watermarked versions of your cover until full payment has been made on the cover. You are not permitted to use a cover until full payment has been made. 

You can use the contact form or find me at my Facebook group The Swoonies Historical Romance Book Covers

No. Covers are created with images licensed from major stock companies and you are subject to the terms of that license. To best understand this, I suggest researching license agreements because I am not a lawyer and am not liable for your misuse of these agreements.

Additionally, all derivative artwork (your final cover image), continues to be owned by The Swoonies Book Covers and Holly Perret. When you buy a cover from me you are really buying an exclusive license to use the image. But I maintain the right to display the cover on my website and use it as an example of my work, among other things. But rest assured, are sold one time, giving you exclusive rights to use the cover for your book and any promotional materials related to your books.

By making a purchase from The Swoonies Book Covers or from Holly Perret, you agree to read and abide by the licensing agreements provided by the stock photo sites used to make your book cover. You agree that The Swoonies and Holly Perret are not liable for misuse use of the book cover in ways that are not allowed by those license agreements. Using a book cover responsibly and within appropriate licensing terms is entirely the responsibility of the person purchasing the cover.

By making a purchase from The Swoonies Book Covers or from Holly Perret, you will receive exclusive rights to use that cover for your book and related promotional materials, within the bounds of above mentioned license agreements.

You do not own the cover. You are licensing it. You will not receive copies of the original stock photos or of the editable photoshop files and layers.

By making a purchase from The Swoonies Book Covers or from Holly Perret, you also agree to provide credit to The Swoonies Book Covers or Holly Perret in your book. 

You MAY NOT make edits to the final derivative artwork that is delivered to you. 

You MAY NOT resell, redistribute, or create merchandise for sale with the cover depicted other than the book for which you purchased the cover. 

You MAY NOT hire another designer to make changes to the cover in any way. That includes any and all changes, including color and title or text changes, unless you have my permission.

You MAY NOT falsely represent that my cover was created by you or any designer other than The Swoonies Book Covers or Holly Perret. 

Holly Perret retains perpetual rights to all derivative artwork. 

I wish I could say that I haven’t had my covers stolen. But the sad truth is that, I have. Many designers add watermarks, but it is easy enough to remove them so I don’t see the purpose. 

But let me be clear:

If you are an author and I find you using a cover for your book that I have designed and that you have not paid for or do not have my express permission to use, I will be expecting payment in full for that cover immediately, plus a $25 charge for every day you used the cover illegally. I will not hesitate to use lawyers or to blast information all over Facebook, in every book community and cover community at my disposal to let everyone know that my cover was stolen. 

If you are a designer that is passing one of my covers off as your own, the expectation is that you will immediately pay for that cover and give me proper credit for the design, plus a $50 charge for every day you illegally represented my work as your own. If you fail to pay, I will not hesitate to use lawyers or to blast information all over Facebook, in every book community and cover community at my disposal to let everyone know that my cover was stolen. 

All the covers on this site are the copyright of The Swoonies Book Covers and Holly Perret.

Website Terms and Conditions can be found here: https://theswooniesbookcovers.com/terms/

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