Feel free to communicate with me via email or Facebook PM, but if you prefer to speak on the phone or to set a specific time, you can always schedule an appointment. All consultations for my design services are free. 

I have the luxury of working from home, but my 9-5 hours can be fairly unpredictable. For that reason, I can only schedule daytime calls within 24 hours and request an hour of flexibility. 

I’m available between 5-9 PM most evenings.

Weekends are wide open!

You can email me or PM me anytime at theswoonies@gmail.com or on Facebook under the name Holly Perret or The Swoonies Book Covers. Please note that I rarely accept friend requests from anyone I am not personally associated with. It’s not personal at all. Just a matter of privacy. So please PM me rather than sending a friend request. 

Contact Me

The best way to reach me to schedule a consultation or ask questions is by email or Facebook PM.

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